Time Machine

Nature has memory. Sometimes it is hidden, but can be recovered anytime if tried hard enough. Nature preserves important things to know the directions to develop itself. Those important things can be “the fittest” genomes, great historical events, great people, sometimes great theories. While the genomes are preserved rather naturally, in its host populations, – the other values, being more “translucent” and “fragile”, have to be stored in memory of human race and/or in memory of different technical devices. These memories can be reached when needed (if not lost completely), and can be used for investigation of the past. On the other hand, the future is stored, too. It’s been stored in the form of “dreams” or “plans”, which open or close particular “parallel worlds” at the time when they are implemented. Three well known time modes – past, present and future can be bound together by formula: Past+Present=Future. This formula conserves in it all time objects, time events, time spaces imaginable. Time traveling is possible. It consists in perpetual learning the time formula. And this learning should be life-long learning, because the topic of learning is comparatively big.


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