Welcome, friend! dedicated to work of scientific bureau “Information Modeling” (IM) Ph.D., Associate Professor of electronics dept., National Aviation University (Ukraine) Alexander Vishnevsky

We invite all who is interested in the field to participate in our bureau, because information modeling today has become very important – build your model first, implement it into real life afterwards! We do work in many different areas related to Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), photonics, biophotonics, and plasmonics. Also we are  bound to investigation of the human brain with AI-based digital music and digital signal processing including fractional derivatives application for cryptography problems. We are also interested in building new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

If you have some fresh, new ideas, and you want to bring them to life – then you’re very welcome to our bureau! Recently we began to work with fractional calculus, because we believe it is a calculus of 21-st century! So, if you’re looking for a team of friends and like-minded scientists – then join our club now!

Who has said that science have to be boring? No, on the contrary! It can be very appealing, very curious and even funny! If you do not think so – than join our bureau! You will be convinced in the opposite at once! No more words, plunge in today!

To your success,

Alexander Vishnevsky

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